State Bar Pro Bono

The State Bar of Texas is a leader amongst the states when it comes to pro bono. These are its current pro bono programs. Contact us if you have any questions about these programs.

New Opportunity Volunteer Attorney (NOVA) Pro Bono Program enables you to continue doing pro bono work after you retire even if your license is no longer active and even if you are licensed in a state besides Texas.

Prior to May 2018, Article XIII described an earlier version of the NOVA Program called the Emeritus Attorney Pro Bono Participation Program. The NOVA Program differs from the Emeritus Program in the following ways:
(1)    Only retired attorneys were able to participate in the Emeritus Program. This prevented Texas lawyers who were inactive but not retired (example: stay at home parents) from participating and also prevented lawyers with licenses from other states (example: corporate counsel) from participating unless they were retired.    
(2)    Whereas the Emeritus Program had no CLE requirement, the NOVA Program requires completion of 3 hours of CLE annually.
(3)    The Emeritus Program required both attorneys and organizations wishing to participate to apply with the Texas Supreme Court, but the NOVA Program delegates administration to the State Bar. This will allow us to develop a much simpler application process.

We are currently working to make this process automated; in the meantime, we are using the following applications:


Texas Lawyers for Texas Veterans provides pro bono services to low-income veterans and their families at clinics hosted throughout the state. more »