American Gateways

American Gateways is committed to justice for immigrants because we believe that everyone- regardless of immigration status- should be allowed to demonstrate their legal reason to be in the United States. Far too many people, with a legal reason to be here, are detained or deported simply because they can't afford to hire a private immigration lawyer. Furthermore, immigrants do not have a legal right to a court-appointed attorney in immigration matters and most do not qualify for government-funded legal assistance programs.

Lone Star Legal Aid

LSLA employs a team of 12 employees dedicated to the recruitment, training, appreciation, and retention of private attorneys to assist our eligible clients on a pro bono basis. LSLA’s Pro Bono Team includes a directing attorney who has been with the firm for 25 years, 3 attorneys who serve as pro bono litigation coordinators, 3 staff attorneys, and 4 support personnel. The attorneys collectively have nearly 100 years of legal experience.


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