Beacon Law

Beacon Law partners with attorneys willing to donate their time and expertise to assist our clients with their legal matters. We have opportunities for individual attoneys as well as corporate counsel. Most of our cases are transactional in nature and the volunteer attorney takes on the full case. Litigation cases can be taken on in tiers where the volunteer attorney selects their level of involvement in the case from briefings and pleadings only, to trial preparation assistance to taking on the full case. Progress of the case is monitored by our staff.

Cabrini Center For Immigrant Legal Assistance

St. Frances Cabrini Center for Immigration Legal Assistance is dedicated to providing high quality, low-cost and pro bono legal services to immigrants and refugees who would otherwise not be able to obtain legal representation. Center activities include outreach, legal assessment and counseling, citizenship application assistance, legal representation and advocacy. The Cabrini Center is the largest non-profit immigration legal service provider in Houston accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals to represent individuals in immigration legal matters.

Lone Star Legal Aid

LSLA employs a team of 12 employees dedicated to the recruitment, training, appreciation, and retention of private attorneys to assist our eligible clients on a pro bono basis. LSLA’s Pro Bono Team includes a directing attorney who has been with the firm for 25 years, 3 attorneys who serve as pro bono litigation coordinators, 3 staff attorneys, and 4 support personnel. The attorneys collectively have nearly 100 years of legal experience.

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