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Jane's Due Process

Jane’s Due Process provides legal representation to pregnant teens, especially those seeking legal exceptions to parental notification/consent prior to terminating their pregnancies. Texas law recognizes that parental notification may not be in the best interest of every pregnant minor, and provides a judicial bypass exception in certain cases including incest, neglect, sexual abuse, sexual assault, and other special circumstances. Jane’s Due Process identifies those minors who, because of their unique circumstances, are likely to prevail on the merits in bypass procedures.

Jefferson County Bar Association Pro Bono Program

It is the goal of the Jefferson County Bar Association Pro Bono Program to provide legal representation to residents of Jefferson, Hardin or Orange County who cannot afford to hire an attorney. The program relies entirely on local attorney volunteers to perform these services without pay. If any information provided to this office is found to be incomplete or untrue, the applicant’s eligibility will be terminated immediately and any attorney who has agreed to accept the case will be allowed to withdraw from that representation.